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Here's More Testimonials From Some Of The 15,000+
Happy Masketeers, From Over 100 Countries

"My students from pre-school through upper grades loved making the masks for reader's theater and other school productions. Schools usually have few resources for drama, and these affordable masks are a great solution to that situation.


These are an invaluable addition to my teaching toolkit, they're simply wonderful!"


Carolyn Wilhelm




"I was a bit dubious about spending the money on these - not that they're expensive - just because of all the free stuff available out there. I'm glad I did though as the collection is amazing and they're so much better than any of the free masks out there.


With the masks all being in the same fun style they make our class plays and skits look fantastic! And the children love making them! I also needed a Jackal mask that I couldn't find anywhere and Ian made it for me - and fast! Love it thank you, and it saved the day!"


Carly Soares

Cincinnati, Ohio




"I just purchased the Masketeers bundle, and all I can say is WOW!"


I'm a retired Grandmother, and I have a weekly storytelling at my Grandsons' Kindergarten class. I'm always looking for props and ways to include the children in the stories.


Your masks have been a Godsend! Thankyou!!!


Lois Tschaepe




"I joined at the BUMPER level because the value was just too good a deal to pass up. As an art therapist, I find the mask outlines to have the greatest relevance to my work with others thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They can be integrated through an expressively creative process safely contained within these forms.


When I needed a porpoise mask, my wish was granted the very next day!  What incredible service! How many businesses will create a customer requested product in such a short time frame? (And the porpoise is cute!) Thank you, thank you, thank you."


Megan L Van Meter


Austin, Texas, USA





"Outstanding, supreme quality. Very very happy with this purchase :)"


From The Pond




"I absolutely love them. You've just guaranteed a successful and fun-filled birthday party for my son - and many more events to come :) With such a huge selection, each event will be different. And I love the fact that they can colour their own mask too. Thank you!"


Rebekah G




"Love, love LOVE them!!! I'm now officially the coolest teacher in the school! They were a great ice breaker to help me through my first days of teaching at a new school.


I use them all the time... I should invest in shares with an inkjet printer company! Thank you so much for these amazing masks!"


Jemma Patterson

Tokyo City, Japan




"These are great, I'm really happy with how many there are and how cute and simple they are. Nice exotic collection of animals."


Leslie and Stacey




"Masketeers masks are a super fun product. As a reading specialist and a mom of two young boys, I can use these masks for a variety of play and learning. We used them to reenact and retell stories.


The masks also work well for children to use in their creative free play. My boys were kept entertained as they tried on different masks and let their imaginations run wild! Check out the masks in my blog below."


Jackie Higginsreadysetread2me.blogspot.co.uk




"Oh my goodness these are so cute I don't even know where to start printing.


These are SO FUN. I am about to become the "coolest" teacher librarian (and aunt) on the planet. :]"






"The masks from Masketeers.com are fantastic! There are so many animals and characters to choose from. We downloaded the masks as coloring pages so we could color them ourselves. Then we used the masks for Readers' Theater. They were perfect.


Thanks for providing great art to those of us who are creative but are drawing-challenged."


Ms. Tonya

Strings, Keys and Melodies




"It's so cool to find great items like these! Thanks for creating them and keep on, keep on!"


Ann Marie Smith




Totally Cute!!!


Buzz On Over




"These are adorable! My resources are for primary children and this age group LOVES animals!! I really like that you offer a huge variety of animals in this pack.


I often use animal names for working with letter sounds and it's nice to have a variety and be able to choose ones that will relate to individual children or groups of children."


Jackie Higgins




"So cute! Love them!"


Mrs VT




"Fantastic! Thankyou."


Tracey Haynes




"The designs are certainly more fun than any I've come across before - hard to pick favourites... but love the octopus, fox, mole and donkey, basically the goofy ones :)"


Michelle McInerney





"Thank you for the adorable resource. I can't wait to use these during our unit."


Judith Wells




"These are super cute! My students will absolutely LOVE them!"


Teacher Tam




"Great resource! I like your style!"


Hernan Giannini




"Oh my! What a great collection! We use these for school plays and the teachers and parents thought they were brilliant! Thank you so much."


Lisa Nguyen

Sydney, Australia




"Absolutely fantastic. The masks come in black and white as well as colour, so you can give to kids to colour and decorate so they have their own touch to a character.


I teach drama across the primary school, and I can get all my book characters from here! Great!"


Gayle Holmes

Trusted By Over 15,000 Parents And Teachers The World Over For Their Mask Making Fun!



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