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Over the years I've had a few questions pop up, so I've listed the most common ones. If you have a question that's not been answered below, please feel free to get in touch here.




How does the checkout process work, and how quickly will I get the masks?


The checkout process is really painless :) Once you've purchased the masks you'll immediately be sent to your download page where you just click the link to get the masks. If you don't want to download your purchase straight away, don't worry as you're also sent an email with the download link in which will go to the email address you used in the checkout process.




How big are the masks?


All the masks fit on an A4 or American letter size paper. When you're printing out, select fit to page so as not to crop any of the mask off. If you have got a larger printer though, you can scale the masks up bigger as they're saved in high resolution and you won't lose any detail.




Is there a limit to the amount of masks I can print out?


Nope, you can print as many as you need for as long as you like.




How do I get access to the members area?


When you purchase the BUMPER Bundle you'll be sent an email with your login details. To access the members area just enter these when you click the members section (top of the page) and you'll get straight in.




What requests can you do?


Basically I can create anything you need. The only masks I can't do are those which are copyrighted designs i.e Star Wars characters, Disney cartoon characters etc... Anything religious or political. Also personal face masks as these can't be used by all the members.




What's in the members area, and how does it work?


All the masks are available in the members area, plus the request-a-mask service, should you require a mask that we haven't yet got. There's also loads of extra printable goodies in there too, such as posters, animal dice and Halloween bunting.


It's really easy to download stuff, as everything is listed from one page and you just click the links to download them straight to your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.


You can access the members area wherever you can get an internet connection allowing you to print masks out from anywhere.




Can I print them out to sell at a charity event to raise money?


Yes, that's fine.




Can I print them out to sell?


In a word, no. They're all copyrighted and you'll need permission from me to be able to sell them or use the images on merchandise. I don't mind you making some money for a charity, but to sell them for personal gain, or to make your own products from the designs is not okay.


If you do have an idea or product for the masks you can write to me here, and if I like it we could work something out, but please don't just go and make something without asking for permission first.

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